Out-of-the-box e-commerce integration with Shopify

Do you run your webshop on Shopify? Or are you orienting yourself on this commerce platform? Then it is good to know that we are Shopify’s first ERP fashion partner in the Benelux and already connected more than 117 brands. With our Shopify connection, you can easily integrate your B2C with our B2B and ERP […]

Efficient communication with suppliers through the Vendor Portal

As a design or purchasing department of a brand, you probably recognize it, in the process from first sample to purchase order there are an enormous number of contact moments with the suppliers of your items. Phone calls abroad, endless email exchanges, and what was the latest status again? You would like to secure all […]

AI x Itsperfect: Generate B2B and B2C webshop descriptions in a snap

Always wanted help to create that endless amount of product descriptions? Or do you sometimes lack a small dose of inspiration or language skills? We hear you! With Itsperfect’s virtual AI assistant, you generate webshop descriptions for the B2B and B2C webshop in no time. In Dutch, English, German, and French. Without having to use […]

May we introduce you to our PIM…

PIM, Product Information Management

PIM is an expert in managing product information and was already a standard part of our software when its name was not yet very popular. But with the growing number of clothing and shoe brands that sell through Marketplaces and have their own webshop, its popularity is growing. And that is why we would love […]

New sample module to simplify the product development process

Itsperfect, the software solution for fashion brands, has developed a unique feature to simplify the product development process for fashion, apparel and footwear: the sample module. The module is part of the complete ERP solution and ensures a fast and efficient flow between purchasing, design and the vendor. Samples in fashion In the fashion industry, […]

Reduce risks and increase revenue with vendor managed inventory

Delivering the spring collection to the stores is in full swing, but how do you, as a fashion brand, keep abreast of store stocks and maximize the sale of your collection? Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) comes in handy for this. This module in Itsperfect is quite popular, and for a good reason. After two years […]

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