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"For us, Itsperfect is actually the most important system we work with in the organization. Purely from a finance perspective, it is ideal that you can track all your financial flows in one place. From stock, intercompany, to invoicing. And for our organization as a whole, the great advantage is that all departments are connected to it. It really is the common denominator, everything comes together there."
Wendy Kok
CFO, No Excess
"When we started implementing Itsperfect, we changed quite a few processes to the Itsperfect model, because it triggered us. We found that how they came up with it was actually smarter than we did. A good ERP system also instills discipline."
Jorrit Weekenborg
CFO, Fabienne Chapot
"Itsperfect has helped us in our growth by laying the foundation. When we started we needed a tool to easily see what the status quo was in our company. And Itsperfect was the right partner, because we could join with a small subscription and extract a relatively large amount of data from it. And at the same time a future-proof solution. 

We started our company out of love for the product, but with a very healthy ambition. And the best thing is that they grow with our ambition."
Maarten Rijnders
Co-founder, Butcher of Blue
"Itsperfect is my entire back office. I have my customers, orders, invoices, credit notes in one overview. Actually, I have Itsperfect open by default. On my iPad I use it for pre-orders and direct orders. But it can even be done on my mobile, which is really ideal. When I’m on the road and I have a question from a customer, I log in and answer it immediately."
Ridvan Kilincci
Owner, Label DOT

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