Full control over the process from fabric to sales with new PLM module

Do you still use timelines on the wall or complex Excel sheets to capture the entire process of your new collection? Then we have great news for you! We built a new Product Lifecycle Management module (PLM) especially for all fashion brands that need structure and control of their complete ‘Critical Path’. With a clear overview of responsibilities and deadlines across all departments, control of all steps in the process, insight into milestones, and clear reports. Intuitive and easy to use, with checks and logical steps, and all the space to record your processes in the right way. And that for the total overview of all your styles.

Linesheets for all articles

Within the PLM module you will find the linesheet with an overview of all articles of the season with the article characteristics. The status of the samples, from proto to preproduction sample (PPS) with traffic lights and deadlines, is displayed with each article. You can see stock, purchase, sale and deliveries per item at a glance. With the timeline you can easily check whether the estimated time of arrival (ETA) of the purchase order (PO) is on time to deliver the sales orders. Per season the attributes can be provided with data and all individual data points are available in the PLM system. In addition to ‘your own tasks’, you can also check entered data, for example whether a PO has been entered, images have been uploaded, prices have been recorded, the webshop has been added, the purchase order has been sent to the supplier and this has also been confirmed by the supplier. The great advantage of one integrated system, because once entered, this data is complete and centrally available for all follow-up processes.

In the linesheet you create the necessary sections yourself. Each section is divided into tasks that you can assign with a deadline and responsible department. Then the system automatically calculates the deadlines of the individual tasks based on the deadline of the rubric. Once set up, the linesheet automatically calculates with days, so you can easily use it again for the next collection.

Complete management overview and extensive reports

Where most PLM solutions stop after the production process, we go even further. With a management function that provides insight and controls not only the production process, but also the entire process of deliveries, stocks, sales across the various channels, discounts and returns. With a total check on all system fields. So you can be sure that all your items are also complete on your B2B portal and in your consumer webshop. Think of uploading photos, prices, article information, sizes, colors, stocks. The PLM module not only checks the specific seasonal items, but also the carry-over products and the Never out of stock (NOOS) items for that season. Think of adjusting the hangtags to the new season, or performing product photography. Itsperfect guides you through every step and provides you with the structure to make all processes run smoothly.

And it doesn’t stop there, the reports are also extremely extensive. Easily analyze your pre-orders, sales, and returns. By article, country, customer, agent, designer, preorders and direct orders; exactly what you need.

Would you like full control over article management for the next season? Request an online demo of our Product Lifecycle Management system and immediately experience the overview. Just in time for the next season…





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