Looking to expand your fashion brand’s reach via online marketplaces? When managing a significant product range across various platforms, a marketplace integrator is essential. The question is, how do you align this with your other sales channels to ensure consistent product information, pricing, and stock levels?

Enter Itsperfect’s two-click marketplace integration, your gateway to effortless connectivity with top integrators such as ChannelEngine and TradeByte


For anyone new to the world of Marketplaces, here’s the basics:

A Marketplace is an online platform on which various sellers can offer their products to potential buyers. The Marketplace provides a platform for transactions to take place and usually handles payment processing and customer service. A Marketplace essentially functions as an additional sales channel for your brand allowing you to tap into a new target groups through the diversity of products, brand awareness, or presence abroad. Your brand actually benefits from the success of the online platform. 

Some well-known Marketplaces include Zalando, Amazon,, and About You.


A Marketplace integrator enables you to connect to a variety of Marketplaces via one point of access, with a secure API connection. The Marketplace integrator is the connecting link between the Marketplace and your ERP system. Using an integrator you can synchronize your product catalog with the Marketplace and automatically push all information in your webshop to your Marketplace(s) in real-time.

Well-known Marketplace integrators are ChannelEngine and Tradebyte. Both have a huge portfolio of Marketplaces that enable you to expand your sales channels in one fell swoop. By connecting Itsperfect to a Marketplace integrator, you can take full advantage of the commercial opportunities that a Marketplace offers.  


When you add Marketplaces to your sales channels, it becomes very important to ensure the correct information, prices, and inventory are shown consistently across the board. At Itsperfect we use the ‘one-stock principle’ for this, meaning that all unreserved stock is made available across all channels within your portfolio. This way, you never miss out on a sale or overpromise to your customers.


How orders and invoicing are handled depends on the business model that you agree upon with the Marketplace.

The most common business models are drop shipment and partner fulfilment, where deliveries are made from your warehouse so that the inventory is synchronised across all sales channels.

Here are the four models:


The Marketplace sells items based on your inventory. You then receive the order and deliver it. Settlement with the Marketplace is based on the quantities sold and the price agreements made.


In this case, the stock is not in your own warehouse nor at the Marketplace, but with the Marketplace's logistics service provider. It remains your stock and can be used for other sales channels if required.


The orders are processed in the same way as you would with a B2B order.


The stock is at the Marketplace but remains your property. The invoice to the Marketplace is only sent when they sell the inventory. The disadvantage of this is that you know what stock is available, but you cannot sell it yourself through other channels.


Connecting Marketplaces with most other ERP providers is custom work, requiring expensive connections to be built with both the Marketplace integrator and the specific channel.

At Itsperfect, we have standard out-of-the-box connections you can get started with right away. This makes connecting to a Marketplace integrator breeze. Once you have made agreements with the integrator, you can connect Itsperfect to a Marketplace with two clicks and start selling your items.


Connecting is easy! Select the Marketplace integrator in the Itsperfect App store, create the desired Marketplace as a customer and enter the price group. The Marketplace invoices the full sales price to the customer and receives an invoice according to the price agreement and based on the agreed business model.

The power of our connection is that everything is included in your standard flow. The Marketplace sales order enters your order flow just like your B2C and B2B orders, keeping your inventory up to date in real time. Handling is also part of the logistics process as standard and returns are processed the same as with your webshop. Finally, your packing slips are set as a Marketplace order by default to ensure the correct packing slip is printed automatically.


You pay one-off implementation costs per integrator as well as a monthly subscription fee for the connection and maintenance. With this integration, you can sell your items through as many Marketplaces as you like.

Please note: You will likely pay a separate cost for contracts with the Marketplace integrator and your chosen Marketplaces. These costs are outside of Itsperfect’s control.



With field mapping, we assign the field the name that is standard for your chosen Marketplace/s. These can be sections or compositions - all you have to do is arrange things according to your wishes.


Print the correct packing slip in the layout preferred by your chosen Marketplace/s.


In addition to standard integrations with ChannelEngine and TradeByte, Itsperfect can also connect with Miinto and Channel Advisor via the API.


Create your items and inventory once and then deliver them across all channels with ease.


We record the PIM fields at item level. If you've already created them for your B2C webshop, you can also use them directly in your Marketplaces. During synchronization, you can indicate which fields should be sent to the Marketplace.


Easily handle your orders and invoicing according to the business model that you have agreed with the Marketplace.

Want to know more about our Marketplace integrations? Book a self-service online demo and try it out yourself!

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