Efficient communication with suppliers through the Vendor Portal

As a design or purchasing department of a brand, you probably recognize it, in the process from first sample to purchase order there are an enormous number of contact moments with the suppliers of your items. Phone calls abroad, endless email exchanges, and what was the latest status again? You would like to secure all this information, whether it is about sample orders, small changes, product sheets, delivery times, or purchase orders. And make the whole communication process for your suppliers as clear and efficient as possible. Right?

For this purpose, we have a separate module at Itsperfect that is integrated with the ERP system; the Vendor Portal. As a brand, this vendor portal offers you the opportunity to set up communication with your supplier more efficiently. By giving your supplier access to the Vendor Portal, he gets a good overview of all open samples and purchase orders, the status, mail exchanges, and his ongoing actions. He can take control and download all samples, item specifications, product sheets, and purchase orders whenever he needs them.

All communication flows with your supplier in 1 system

Where previously you would mail a sample order, then receive confirmation of production, and then a message that the sample had been sent and, after delivery, start up a new mail exchange with the sample comments, until the sample was good and you could proceed to sending a purchase order, you now use the Vendor Portal to handle all these communication flows. Do you also use our Sample Module? Then the various rounds of sample comments automatically end up in the Vendor Portal.

Intuitive design with clear actions

The Vendor Portal has received a complete redesign in version 4.1, in which the use of icons and bright colors has made it even clearer what the outstanding actions are for the vendor. Per item and in the total overview of all items and orders. The supplier can see per order the status, the number of pieces, whether the order is confirmed or not, the amount, the season, the Estimated Time of Departure (when it should leave the factory), and the Estimated Time of Arrival (when it should arrive at the brand). And on the item detail page, suppliers can instantly see the details of an item, whether it is in stock, the item’s features and available colors, and the status of the order.

The advantages of the Vendor Portal at a glance

  • Efficient communication with your suppliers, both for samples and purchase orders
  • Communication visible across individuals and departments so that everyone is always aware of the status of samples and orders and everything is guaranteed to be recorded.
  • A huge time saver, you don’t have to continuously write full emails (or look back), everything is already in the system so a short sentence will do.
  • By emailing in your supplier portal, you keep all communications organized.
  • The supplier does not have to constantly check the portal, as he receives an email when a message is ready for him.
  • Communicate even more efficiently when you also use the Sample Module.
  • It ensures that you keep all the data together centrally in the ERP package itself.
  • Simplify a streamlined communication process and thereby facilitate your suppliers.

Curious about the Vendor Portal? We are happy to give you a demo, so you can see the added value in communicating with your vendors for yourself.





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Efficient communication with suppliers through the Vendor Portal

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