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Itsperfect gives you a full and firm grip on your production process. Whether it’s about the availability of your materials or meeting the promised delivery date of your customer, Itsperfect is there for you. And if Itsperfect signalizes an upcoming problem, it notifies you by email. Just to be sure, sometimes you just need a little help.


Itsperfects MRP checks the availability of the materials you need to produce your outstanding purchase orders. And is there a threat of a shortage? Itsperfect creates your material orders for you. Be secure about your capacity, so your production process won’t be disrupted.

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Once your ready made garment is received, the usage of materials need to be booked in order to maintain a correct material inventory position. Itsperfect books your consumption for all the received orders at once, with a single click of a button.


Each step in the production process needs to be finished in time in order to meet the promised delivery dates. Is there any delay? What are the consequences? Which orders are involved? Who is responsible? What can be done to speed up the process? Our workflow dashboard gives you full insight.

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Is there still a chance of delay, despite all your efforts? Itsperfect checks the progress. And if action is required, an email is send to the responsible person and to you. So you will always be completely filled in about all progress and possible delays.

Product Lifecycle (PLM)

Our PLM module offers structure and control in your entire ‘Critical Path’. With a clear overview of deadlines across all departments, insight into milestones and clear reports.

Cut Make Trim (CMT)

With the Cut Make Trim module you take care of your material and resource planning. Create the Bill of Materials (BOM) and generate your material purchase orders.



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