AI x Itsperfect: Generate B2B and B2C webshop descriptions in a snap

Always wanted help to create that endless amount of product descriptions? Or do you sometimes lack a small dose of inspiration or language skills? We hear you!

With Itsperfect’s virtual AI assistant, you generate webshop descriptions for the B2B and B2C webshop in no time. In Dutch, English, German, and French. Without having to use all kinds of separate tools, just directly in the ERP system where you have all the information about your items clearly together.

What exactly is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

AI stands for artificial intelligence and is a tool that, through machine learning techniques and vast amounts of data, has been increasingly trained in recent years to put down optimal output. The AI model understands and generates human text on a wide range of topics, making it valuable for tasks such as answering questions, generating text, giving advice and more. It is designed to be interactive and can be integrated into various applications and platforms to enable natural language processing.

Save time and increase webshop conversion with AI integration in ERP

Over the past few weeks, more and more people have been talking about AI and in which fields it can be used. And although in some areas there are of course also many risks and disadvantages to this kind of technological developments, in the area of product descriptions we definitely see the added value for brands. Mainly to save time, but also to make sure that each article is accompanied by a product description. In this way you can properly inform your agents and retailers and increase your website traffic and conversion in your webshop. Reason enough to quickly respond to this new technology, and include an AI integration in version 4.1.

How does it work?

Users of Itsperfect will find the AI Assistant in both the B2B and B2C web shops. There, in the ‘description’ field, you have the choice to use the standard dataset we have already configured or to determine yourself on the basis of which item data and PIM fields you want to generate the description. Then click ‘generate webshop description’ and let your AI do its magic. Within seconds there is a suggestion in all languages you have installed. Of course, you can still make changes to get the text completely in your style, before you put the description live. The AI integration works with an API key and is available from Itsperfect version 4.1.





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