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Provide operational excellence with our standard ERP features and start improving your processes from day 1.


Add as much extra data as you need to lower your return rates and deliver the right info to your Marketplaces with our integrated Product Information Management (PIM) feature.


With requisition you buy exactly what you need. Create purchase orders and send them directly to your vendors or publish them on the vendor portal.

Down payments

Down payments make it possible to invoice a sales order before delivery. Send multiple deposits, such as 30% after order confirmation, 30% before delivery and the last invoice after delivery.


Sell ​​multiple items in 1 assortment. An assortment is kept in stock and is purchased and sold separately. Its content is shown in the B2B webshop and on the order confirmation.

Value Added Services (VAS)

Provide items with a service, such as tailoring, with Value Added Services. With this new item dimension you can add an unlimited number of services to the sales order for each item.

Size group

Create a size group with a selection of sizes. And select a size range for an item to show only the selected sizes for sales & purchase orders.

Match purchase invoices

Match your purchase invoices according to the 3-way matching principle: purchase order, goods receipt & purchase invoice. This way, your invoices are checked on prices and quantities received.

3D images

Upload 3D views to an item and display them in the B2B webshop. With 3D images, webshop visitors can view your item in 3D from all sides, to get a complete picture of each item.

Cost charges

With the cost charges feature you define in detail the costs that you add to the purchase price to determine a direct unit cost.


With this functionality you can easily prepare the Intrastat declaration.

Available to promise

Of course you always want to deliver what you promise, but you depend on the production time of your vendor. Our Available to promise module takes this lead time into account.

Reporting (BI)

Complete insight into your company’s performance, at any time and from any angle. From reports to personalized dashboards, from statistics to integration. With real-time information.


Of course, we do not assume that you only do business in local currency. With the multi-currency feature you can create as much extra currencies as you need. Both for sales and for purchase.

Size conversions

Do you sell abroad? Then you often have to deal with different sizes. With size conversions you define the size per country, so your customers can see their preferred sizes.

Pre- and direct order

Naturally, as a fashion ERP, we offer the option of applying both pre-orders for the pre-sale of the new season and direct orders that can be delivered (from inventory) immediately during the season.


Process your picks in the way that suits you best: via barcode scanning or by manually booking the picks.

Sales invoices

Make billing as simple as possible for your brand and your customers. All invoicing in Itsperfect is fully automatic and digital, without having to worry about it.


During the season, identify items that you undersold. With a replacement worksheet you can cancel, replace, or implement a price or delivery block update in 1 go.

Message center

With the message center you communicate in the most efficient way within your organization and send internal messages directly to colleagues.

External documents

Personalize your external documents. Only show the relevant information in your order confirmation and give your documents the look & feel of your brand. Of course in several languages.

Delivery blocks

With delivery blocks it is possible to divide seasons into different delivery times. Define delivery blocks at item level and deliver your sales orders in multiple drops.


Register your seasons at item level and manage seasons via PLM.

Import & Export

Easily import your basic data from Excel. And do you want to analyze your Itsperfect data in Excel? Then just as easily export your data.


Manage your EAN13 barcodes by item, color and size. Automatically generate barcodes, print labels and make your barcodes available to your sales channels.


Define themes and link them to an item or a specific color. Themes provide the possibility to filter quickly in the webshop and to create sales reports per theme.


With this feature you can register the designer for each item. The name of the designer is used purely for internal reports and is not visible in, for example, the B2B webshop.

Delivery dates

Quickly gain insight into the expected delivery date of a sales order. Automatically calculate this for all open orders based on current inventory, open purchase orders & set customer priorities.


As a user, define your own personal dashboard. Only show those statistics that are relevant to you and stay up to date with real-time information.


Do you have various fittings? This feature allows you to manage them and select the right fit for each item. Communicate these in the B2B, sales order confirmation, delivery note and invoice.


When managing multiple brands, this features helps you to assign retailers to a brand, and adjust the representative and price group per brand. Each brand gets separate sales orders.


Register the details of your collection in detail and follow the creation of your collection step by step.

Washing instructions

Easily assign washing instructions to an item, create templates for washing instructions, manually select icons and add a short description.


Use the CRM module to register all customer communication and plan future contact moments. And facilitate your agent to contribute to this in an easy way.

Advanced pricing

The advanced pricing & discount feature offers the possibility to have purchase and sales prices deviate per size, so that small or large sizes can be sold at a different price.


Go for growth with our additional modules, all fully integrated, and stay ahead of the curve.

Demand orders

Create a purchasing requirement with the aim of purchasing inventory for your own use. Demand orders result in inventory reservations and can be converted via the delivery worksheet.

Loyalty system

Run multiple loyalty programs and let consumers save points to pay with. Indicate for each loyalty program how and within what time points can be earned and spent.


Manage multiple companies with the Subsidiaries module and define the correct subsidiary for each customer, item and vendor. With the Intercompany module you can settle between subsidiaries if necessary.

Vendor Managed Inventory

As a vendor, manage the inventory of your retailers, view retailer sales, gain insight into their sales figures, and generate distribution worksheets.

External database for BI

Our external BI tool synchronizes the ERP system to an external SQL database. Decide for yourself which tables are synchronized and connect any BI tool of your choice to this data source.


The targets module offers the possibility to define and monitor targets for sales, purchase and own stores. And view sales statistics from other angles.

Vendor portal

Organize the communication with your vendor more efficiently and provide access to the vendor portal, where he can download all items with the corresponding specs and purchase orders.


Do you sell your collection through one or more distributors? With our distributor module you facilitate your distributors to create their own customers and have them order in the B2B portal.

Retail (Point of Sale)

Do you have 1 or more stores? Then our retail module with cash register (POS) is ideal. Fully integrated, real-time insight into store performance and a true omnichannel experience for your customers.

Marketplace integrations

Looking to expand your fashion brand’s reach via online marketplaces?
Enter Itsperfect’s two-click marketplace integration, your gateway to effortless connectivity with top integrators such as ChannelEngine and TradeByte.

B2B webshop

Our B2B webshop is accessible to agents & customers and gives them the opportunity to place (pre) orders, download documents such as invoices & delivery notes and register returns.

Newsletter groups

With this module you can connect MailChimp to Itsperfect, register your contacts for a newsletter, create segments based on tags that are synchronized and send targeted mailings.

B2C Sales

Itsperfect offers standardized connections with your B2C webshop, such as Shopify.

Warehouse Management

Automate your entire warehouse with our complete WMS. Record inventory at shelf level, transfer goods between locations, or perform an inventory check, with a terminal handheld scanner.

Scan outbound

With outbound scanning you check every delivery before it leaves the warehouse. Simply connect a barcode scanner, start scanning the picks and check the correct quantities.

Debt management

Get a grip on your outstanding invoices! Itsperfect debt management gives you full insight into the payment behavior of your customers and enables you to act at the right time.


With the consignment module, you register inventory at retailers that is still yours. Deliver goods on consignment, import store sales and invoice through an invoice worksheet.

Financial integration

We offer out-of-the-box connections with the most commonly used financial accounting systems, with which we can synchronize the various journals, so your accounting system is always up to date.

Sample management

Accelerate, improve and simplify the product development process with the sample module and ensure efficient communication between purchasing, design and vendor.

3rd party logistics (3PL)

Automate your entire logistics communication towards your logistics service provider.


Our out-of-the-box EDI integration sends your data to retailers. Send order catalogs, order confirmations and deliveries digitally to your customer and receive their sales statistics.

Drop shipment

Drop shipment makes it possible to register sales orders separately on a purchase order or to purchase them separately and deliver them directly from the production location to the customer.


Some transactions require double-checking. With the Authorizations feature, you set authorization rules and get a grip on your transactions.

Sustainability management

With Sustainability management you record the registration at purchase and item level of standard, scope & transaction certificates. On the purchase order, you see all certificates under CSR.


Via the Product Data Management system (PDM), articles can be provided with a Bill of Material, Sizespecs and it is possible to purchase and consume materials (CMT).

Product Lifecycle (PLM)

Our PLM module offers structure and control in your entire ‘Critical Path’. With a clear overview of deadlines across all departments, insight into milestones and clear reports.

Cut Make Trim (CMT)

With the Cut Make Trim module you take care of your material and resource planning. Create the Bill of Materials (BOM) and generate your material purchase orders.


With cross-docking you can have sales orders packed by the vendor at an early stage. Provide insight into the ordered customer quantities, and generate box labels for the vendor.


Itsperfect offers a wide range of integrated solutions. If you want to connect to another external system, we offer our RESTFUL API for this.



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