From B2B webshop with 3D samples, and sustainability to PLM; all innovations for fashion brands

As a fashion brand, how do you not only work more efficiently and maintain overview, but also respond quickly to changes in the market? And make sure you can really make a difference with your organization? The fashion industry is already quite complex in terms of processes, with the current economic climate, changing legislation, and the focus on sustainability, it doesn’t get any easier. Wouldn’t it be ideal if you had a software solution in which all processes come together and the team continuously thinks along with you about how you can do things smarter?

As soon as your organization reaches a certain size and has ambitions to grow, the desire to add new sales channels, go cross border or outsource your logistics quickly arises. Where you used to be able to get by with just an accounting package or an ERP solution that has actually been in need of replacement for years, you are now running into limitations. Because you lack the overview, have tied together a spaghetti of different custom build solutions, or run into high costs to go along with innovative solutions in the e-commerce field. A pity, because it not only causes a lot of frustration, but also stagnates your growth.

Dusty software is no longer in fashion

Whether or not you’ve worked with it before, most people think of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) as a more traditional system. With high consultancy costs, long implementations, complicated screens, large servers, and a lot of customization to get all the functionality you need. Not really sexy, and not a perfect match for most employees in a fashion company.
Fortunately, it can also be done differently. There is an ERP system that has been specially built for fashion brands, by a team with a passion for fashion. We have thoroughly thought about how you as a brand can organize your processes in the smartest way and are continuously developing to make it even smarter, simpler, and faster.

One complete (ERP) software solution for fashion brands

Itsperfect offers one complete and user-friendly software solution for fashion brands in which all processes come together. With one central place for all your data. From design, purchasing, articles, customers, logistics, finance and cash register systems to sales across all channels. And that’s just the basics, because the possibilities are endless. The package offers standard connections with the most commonly used accounting packages, logistics service providers and e-commerce solutions such as Shopify, Tradebyte, and ChannelEngine.

Itsperfect grows with your ambitions

In addition, there are modules in the App store for all processes you need to manage as a fashion brand. From an integrated B2B, EDI, consignment, delivery blocks, barcode scanners, Warehouse management system (WMS), bill of materials and size specs, to Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) for store inventory, Intercompany to create multiple companies within 1 environment, and much more.

The SaaS solution is fully online, available from any device, and works on a contract basis with a monthly fee for the number of modules you purchase. In addition, a new release is released every quarter, which gives you automatically access to new features. Responding to developments in the market and the wishes of our customer base. For example, a new B2B webshop with 3D samples, an extensive PLM module, and a sustainability module were launched in the past six months.

Smoothly place orders with a B2B webshop for agents and retailers

Itsperfect’s B2B portal is integrated with our ERP system, which ensures a seamless exchange of data, without performance problems. As an agent, you can place pre-orders for open seasons and direct orders in this B2B yourself. In addition, agents can view outstanding invoices and sales orders in real-time themselves, create reports and work out statistics, and it also works very intuitively. The webshop naturally displays well on any device, works with YouTube videos and multiple photos per product detail page and offers the possibility to calculate and display the expected delivery time for each sales order line. To be future-proof, there is also the possibility to add 3D samples in the webshop. This makes a huge difference in the number of physical samples you need, and therefore in sustainability and costs. And besides that, how often do samples arrive late these days?

Full control over the process from fabric to sales with PLM

Do you still use timelines on the wall or complex Excel sheets to manage the entire process of your new collection?
Itsperfect has an integrated Product Lifecycle Management module (PLM) for all brands that need structure and control of their complete ‘Critical Path’. With a clear overview of responsibilities and deadlines across all departments, control of all steps in the process, insight into milestones, and clear reports. Intuitive and easy to use, with checks and logical steps, and plenty of room to record your processes correctly. For the total overview of all your styles.

Mapping Corporate Social Responsibility with sustainability management

With the sustainability management module you are able to record the registration at purchase and article level of standard, scope and transaction certificates. These are divided into categories, and you simply add all the parts you want to certify. On the purchase order, all certificates come together under CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). A must for brands that value sustainability.

100% made for fashion

More than 400 international brands, from fashion, apparel, streetwear, shoes, and accessories, already work with Itsperfect. Such as O’Neill, No Excess, Cavallaro Napoli, 10Days, Fabienne Chapot, Dstrezzed, Black Bananas, Butcher of Blue, Bronx Shoes, and Smaak Amsterdam, just to name a few.





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