You are selling through different channels: sales agents, distributors, directly to wholesale customers and to your end-consumer in your own stores and through your webshop. Itsperfect offers integrated solutions for all of these possibilities. And all channels result in an order within your ERP system, which you can handle centrally.


Itsperfects integrated B2B webshop enables you to let your sales agents and distributors write direct and presales orders. Sales agents can also use Itsperfects iPad App. You can also grant access to the B2B webshop to your wholesale customers, so they can place their re-orders. Your aftersales department can finally take that holoday break.


You are selling to your end-consumer in your own stores and through your webshop. Both types of sale are immediately registered in Itsperfect. For a webshop order Itsperfect immediately creates a pick: ordered before 00:00h, delivered tomorrow. Your stores performance can be monitored realtime, thanks to the integrated Itsperfect POS.


Itsperfect automatically calculated the commissions for your agents. You decide the type of calculation: on sales, on invoiced turnover or on paid turnover. The agent can keep track of his performance himself as well, by viewing his overall sales statistics on the B2B portal.

Target vs realisation

Itsperfect enables you to create targets for the new season. These targets can be created per country, agent, customer group, item group, item, customer, period, etc. The Itsperfect target module gives you full insight in the realization of your budget, realtime, presented as a percentage.
During the season you identify items or colours that have a low sales quantity. Do you want to cancel or replace them? Itsperfect will assist you!
Drop shipments
Do you want to deliver directly from your production location to your customer? Itsperfect enables you to register drop shipments and folllow it's process accurately.
You can derive sales from your wholesale customer base or directly from your end-consumer. Itsperfect facilitate both, fully integrated.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Use Itsperfect to register all communication with your customer and to plan future contacts. And facilitate your agent to benefit from and contribute to this in an easy way.
E-Documents automatically sends your PDF documents to your customer and suppliers by e-mail.
Available to promise
You want to make sure you can deliver what you promise. But of course, you are depending on the production time of your vendor. So, our ATP module takes this lead time into consideration. So you can be sure you can deliver what you promise.
Size conversions
If you are selling abroad, you will find that other countries might use other sizes. For that reason, Itsperfect offers size conversion. Define the size codes per country, and be sure to be on the same level as your customer.