Out-of-the box integration with Shopify

March 13, 2022 - Do you run your webshop on Shopify? Or are you orienting yourself on this commerce platform? Then it is good to know that we are Shopify's first Dutch ERP fashion partner and already connected more than 117 brands. With our Shopify connection, you can easily integrate your B2C with our B2B and ERP system. All available data is automatically synchronized. Think of article data, colors, sizes, barcodes, photos, etc. Fast and affordable, without high consultancy costs.
Itsperfect is the only fashion ERP system built specifically for both B2C and B2B. And that supports you as a fashion brand enormously to keep a good overview of your stock, open orders, finance, and logistics.

The big advantage?

First of all, the costs; we have built a standard integration, so you don’t have high costs for development and maintenance. You pay a fixed amount per month and one-off implementation costs, which are a lot cheaper than customization. We already have a lot of experience with the integration and we work closely with Shopify commerce partners like Shopworks and Code.

In addition, the out-of-the-box integration ensures fast data exchange; orders in Shopify arrive in Itsperfect a few seconds after being placed. And thanks to the dynamic connection, changes are implemented within fifteen minutes. The real-time connection between Shopify and Itsperfect also ensures that the correct stock is continuously available on the webshop. When a B2C order is picked in the warehouse, there will therefore rarely be a shortage.

And consumers are created directly in Itsperfect, so you keep one central place for all your data. Do you already work with a B2B portal for customers and agents, do you have your own stores or do you sell your products via Marketplaces? Then it becomes increasingly important to keep an overview of all your sales channels and to integrate everything into one system.

The technical specs

Finally, a brief overview of the technical specs, don't mind if you drop out here, we are happy to advise you. And if you choose Itsperfect as your ERP system, we will of course guide you through the entire implementation. With a clear step-by-step plan, weekly meetings, and a tight go-live schedule.

The connection between Shopify and Itsperfect offers:
- Automatic upload of articles
- Synchronization of images
- Possibility to import tags and meta fields in Itsperfect, this is automatically included in the sync
- Synchronization on style level or color level
- Any link between the price lists in Itsperfect and Shopify Markets
- The connection with different shipping partners/carriers and payment methods from Shopify with Itsperfect
- Automatic refunds for returns and problems with items
- When you use a special App in Shopify, translations are also possible
- Both Shopify and Shopify Plus

For more information about our integration with Shopify, please contact Paul Jonker at +31 85 016 0175 or sales@itsperfect.io or request an online demo.