May we introduce you to our PIM…

PIM is an expert in managing product information and was already a standard part of our software when its name was not yet very popular. But with the growing number of clothing and shoe brands that sell through Marketplaces and have their own webshop, its popularity is growing. And that is why we would love to tell you more about our PIM.

Our PIM as part of the ERP system

It is actually quite special that we have a PIM in our suite, because with most ERP systems you need an external solution for this. In general, PIM stands for Product Information Management and plays an important role in managing the product catalog and ensuring consistent product information. In the PIM, all relevant details about an item are collected and stored. Think of product descriptions, images, prices, availability, and technical specifications.

Where other ERP solutions generally limit themselves to standard fields and refer to external packages, with Itsperfect we immediately saw the added value of making the integration between business processes and product information as good as possible. And to have all data together in one system. That’s why we’ve let our PIM grow into a mature feature. With free text fields, drop-downs, date fields, yes/no fields; exactly what you need to provide your item with the right information. You decide whether you give the freedom to place free input in the PIM fields. In the management function, you can also set the standard to choose from a list to prevent proliferation.

Why PIM is so popular?

As a fashion brand, there are a number of reasons to make PIM your best friend. Because he offers:

1. One central location for all item information, so you can be sure that you are always working with the same and most up-to-date information across all departments. And of course, this becomes increasingly important as your organization and your collection grows.

2. The possibility to provide extensive information to all your sales channels, from shops and B2B or B2C webshops to Marketplaces. And update it quickly and efficiently in 1 place in your back office when necessary.

3. Everything you need in your collaboration with Marketplaces, such as Zalando and Amazon. They also require that certain fields are provided.

4. An enriched product experience for consumers. By providing consistent and extensive information, you can easier be found online and consumers get a good idea of ​​what they can expect from your article. You can get creative with the number and content of the fields. For example, you see many brands add styling tips online, all kinds of size information, and customer reviews. This is a great opportunity to improve your conversion and lower your return percentage.

In short, PIM ensures consistent information, fewer returns, and an enriched product experience for consumers. And the good news is that our PIM is simply part of the family. As soon as you choose Itsperfect to streamline your fashion processes, you will immediately have access to PIM.

Want to know more about our PIM? Please contact Rob van Lieverloo on 085 016 017 5 or request an online demo to see for yourself.


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