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Fox Factor: From Excel sheets to real-time analytics, insight and efficiency

Leading Belgian brand Fox Factor, specializing in denim for women with curves, has moved into a whole new era this summer with Itsperfect. Quite a step for the fast-growing brand, which previously relied on endless Excel spreadsheets. We speak to founder Kim Seghers about her brand and her decision to move to a fully automated system for their business processes.

An ode to curvy women

Kim began her career in IT, but gave in 2005 direction to her long-held desire to design clothing for curvy women. With memories as a young girl of her mother experiencing so many problems with her weight and self-image, her drive was tremendously strong. After two years of intensive research and development, the perfect curvy jeans saw the light of day in collaboration with a renowned pattern maker.

“We understand that every woman is unique and deserves to feel confident and comfortable in what she wears. That’s why we offer high-quality, stylish jeans designed specifically to flatter and provide a perfect fit for curvy women. Our range is not just another collection, but a tribute to female diversity and self-expression.”

From Excel to scalable ERP software

Over the years, Fox Factor grew and eventually created the need for a software solution that could grow with the brand.

“The fashion industry is rapidly evolving and complex. To continue providing the highest quality and service, we partnered with Itsperfect, ERP software supplier specifically for the fashion industry. Itsperfect offers the flexibility to grow with us, allowing us to focus on innovation and expansion without being hindered by technological limitations.”

The arrival of this software marked a radical change for Fox Factor, where previously everything revolved around Excel spreadsheets.

“Having visibility into our business data is now easier than ever. We said goodbye to the countless Excel spreadsheets. Itsperfect provides real-time analytics that help us make better decisions, from inventory management to customer relations. The automation of all our processes allows us to provide an even better customer experience. Moreover, Itsperfect helps us cut costs. By working more efficiently, we have less overhead, which helps our long-term profitability.”

A nice professionalization move that laid the foundation for Kim and her team to work more efficiently. When they want to take the next step, they easily expand with an additional integration or module from the Itsperfect App Store.

“Since implementing Itsperfect, our way of working has changed dramatically. We are now more efficient and more focused on what matters: providing the best jeans for curvy women.”





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