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Colourful Rebel in the ‘spotlight’, the story behind the brand

The Colorful Rebel team has been using Itsperfect for several months now. To find out more about this Dutch fashion brand, we talked to Oscar Kemps, CEO of Colourful Rebel. We learned everything about how this beautiful brand was created, what it stands for and why they chose to work with Itsperfect. Did you know, among other things, that the creation of Colourful Rebel started in a student apartment in Amsterdam-West?

“Colourful Rebel is more than just fashion. Colourful Rebel is a mindset, a way of life, we like to get the most out of life, but we are just as happy to give something back to the people around us”, says Oscar. “The adventure all started in 2013 in a student house. Later we had the chance to move to a bigger apartment. The ground floor became our warehouse where we packed all the orders and the first floor was our office. We grew so fast that within a year we also outgrew this apartment and moved to our office in the center. We rented two floors and within a little over a year this office too became much too small. Samples, inventory and other random stuff filled our office and it was time to move on. We were offered our current location and put our heart and soul into the renovation and after blood, sweat and tears we think our office has become perfect!”

“Our office truly reflects who we are: perfectionists, rebels, and caregivers. We enjoy the good things in life, we like to hang out with our friends and take care of them. Welcome to the world of Colourful Rebel,” said Oscar.

Colourful Rebel has 200+ points of sale. In addition, the brand is available in its own web store and through various marketplaces such as Bol.com.

Since this year, the entire Colorful Rebel team has been working with the Fashion software from Itsperfect. All business processes are managed in Itsperfect. The collection of all item data up to the actual sale, and the logistical and financial processing of orders. Various modules are used, such as the integrated B2B portal from Itsperfect and connections to the B2C webshop (Shopify) and a link to various Marketplaces such as Bol.com. The EDI module is used for optimal communication with retailers. The Product Data Management system (PDM) is also used in which items can be provided with all necessary data such as a Bill of Material and Sizespecs. The Consigment module offers the option of depositing inventory with retailers in order to then deliver it to the consumer on consignment. The store sales can then be imported, after which they can be invoiced via an invoice worksheet. The accounts receivable module is used for the financial management of all sales and a connection has been generated with Exact online for synchronization of items, customers, invoices, purchase orders and inventory changes.

During our conversation with Oscar, we asked him a few questions about working with Itsperfect. Curious? Read the experiences below.

Why did they choose for Itsperfect?
“During the demo, we quickly found out that Itsperfect is very user-friendly and the focus is really on Fashion. We also like the scalability, the software can be expanded at any time. Furthermore, the integration with other systems and partners we already worked with was very easy to arrange. This was really a must for us. Moreover, Itsperfect has its own integrated B2B webshop which is indispensable for Colorful Rebel. In short, a complete software package with which we are ready for the future”.

What is your experience working with Itsperfect?
Oscar indicates that with Itsperfect the team has one central place where all data is collected. “This ensures that we can analyze all data very easily and make decisions very quick when necessary”. “Moreover, we can easily search for customer data, orders and invoices via the search box, which makes working very efficient. We can also find a lot via the help function and if necessary we only have to call the support department to ask for help”.

What are the benefits of working with Itsperfect?
“The integrated B2B webshop, the connections with the B2C webshop (Shopify) website and all external parties ensure that we can work efficiently. Moreover, the scalability of Itsperfect ensures that the software is easy to expand, so that the software can grow along with Colourful Rebel”.





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