Business intelligence

Full insight in your companies performance, at any time, from any corner. This is a big part of the added value of a good ERP system. Itsperfect is aware of this and offers a realtime insight from a large range of angles. From reports to dashboards, from statistics to integration.


Itsperfect offers you a personalized dashboard. Select the statistics and information that are relevant for you and present them in your own dashboard. From turonver to logistical processes, from outstanding invoices to inventory levels. Dashboards can be created company wide, but can also be defined on customer level. Realtime information, focussing on your personal demands.


Itsperfects report library contains a large amount of fashion focused reports. Created by the fashion, for the fashion. Each new reports is shared with Itsperfects complete customer base. Each report can be presented on screen, or exported to Excel or PDF. And each report can be scheduled: your turnover in your mailbox, every monday morning.


Do you want to check your sales performance per period, season, collection, customer group, item group, country, sales agent, etc? And you want to compare your performance with the targets you created at the beginning of the season? Itsperfect gives you a full and realtime insight in all of your turnover statistics.

Your own report

So you still want to create your own personal report? Itsperfects BI module enables you to easily create the report you need. Select the tables you want to retrieve data from, select the fields and your report is ready. When you save the report, you have the possibility to share it with the other Itsperfect users. We think you should. Because then they will, too!