Your design department and your product managers want to concentrate on desiging your new collection. They don't want to be bothered with structural data entrance, a software solution should be a contribution to their daily work.

Item details

Enter all PDM item details on a central place. Descriptions, colours, sizes, fits and qualities. But also your packing instructions, wash & care label and precalculated prices can be registered here. A single place to register all information, accessible for everyone.

Materials and Bom

Define all the materials that are used within your department and enter your bill of material on item level. Which materials are needed to produce this item and in which quantities? Copy template BOM's within your item list, to create an item quickly and efficient.

Size specifications

Enter your default size specifications and copy them to an item. On item level, seperate versions of your size specifications can be managed. So any changes to the original measurements and the actual ones can be monitored and communicated easily.

Product sheet and vendor portal

After entering all item data, the item and all it's parameters and images can be downloaded into a single product sheet. This sheet can be saved as a PDF file with the most up-to-date data which can be send to your vendor. Are you using Itsperfects vendor portal? Then all data will be published automatically.