Is there something that needs your attention? Itsperfect informs you in time, by e-mail. Itsperfect knows where to find you, even if you're not logged in.
Internal activity
Should someone within your company perform an action before a certain date? Itsperfect notifies this person in time, by e-mail. So you don't have to worry about the follow up.
Agent activiteit
Does your agent or sales rep needs to call back a customer on a certain date? Create the action, on customer level and the agent will be notified by e-mail. The agent can register his follow up on the B2B webshop.
Vendor activity
Does a vendor need to undertake action? Create an action on vendor level. On the end date of the action, the vendor will be notified by e-mail. Which he can follow up on the vendor portal.


Some financial transactions may require a double check and therefore we have Authorizations. Create authorization rules and get grip on your financial transactions.
Authorize orders
Received an order from a customer with financial issues? Or did your agent created a new sales order with a low margin? Create an authorization rule and prevent financial issues.
Only after your approval
If a change in crucial data is done, an authorization message is send to you. Open the message and authorize the change. Only after authorization it will be processed.
Changes by vendor
If your vendor changes for instance an ETA or shipment method in the vendor portal, this change will only be processed after your authorization.
Changes by customer
Your customer changes his address or e-mail through the B2B webshop and you immediately receive a message, which you can accept or decline.


Manage your EAN13 barcodes per item, colour & size. Generate barcodes automatically, print hangtags and publish the barcodes at sales channels.
EAN13 range
Define your EAN13 barcode range in Itsperfect.
Generate barcodes
Generate your EAN13 barcodes per item variant with a single click. Per item or per purchase order.
Export your barodes to Excel, based on an item or a barcode
Print hangtags for items and generate barcodes on the fly.


During the season you identify items or colours that have a low sales quantity. Do you want to cancel or replace them? Itsperfect will assist you!
A clear overview
You want to replace an item, but who exactly ordered it? Itsperfect generates an overview of all orders, customers and Phone numbers for you to follow up.
Cancel or replace?
Do you want to replace or cancel your item or colour? Select the right option in your replacement proposal. And the change will be processed in the order confirmation.
Which price?
Once the replacement is processed, which price should be used? Itsperfect allows you to select the Original, the new or the average sales price.


Each user can define his own personal dashboard, showing only those statistics that are relevant to him. Realtime information keeps you in touch with the business.
Realtime information
The information shown on your dashboard is realtime. So you can always be sure that you are making your judgement on the most accurate data and statistics.
The user creates his own dashboard by making a selection out of the available widgets, focussing on logistic, financial, production and sales statistics.
Table or Graph
Do you want your statistics presented as a table or do you prefer a graph or diagram? Most widgets offer both options and you can switch between them any at any given moment.
Dashboards per customer
Apart from the general dashboards, you can also define dashboards on customer level. This way, you gain full insight in the sales statistics and payment behaviour from your customers.
Easily import and export

Easily import and export

Itsperfect enables you to easily import your basic data from Excel. And do you want to analyze your Itsperfectdata in Excel? An export is just as easy.
Import wizard
The import wizard enables you to import your basic data from Excel. There's no need to match your excel file to a certain format, the import wizard let's u easily match the right column in Excel with the right column in Itsperfect.
Image uploader
You connect your images to an item/colour. If several images need to be imported and automatically connected at once, then the image uploader will be at your service.
Export to Excel
Sometimes it is easy to analyse or change basic data in Excel. Itsperfect enables you to export your data to excel, make changes and import it again.


Itsperfect makes invoicing as easy as possible, for you and for your customers. All invoicing in Itsperfect is completely digital, without the need for you to really monitor it.
Automatic invoice
Invoicing is done automatically in Itsperfect, at the moment that the picks are sent. The invoice is generated automatically and sent to the customer by e-mail.
Invoice on B2B webshop
The invoice is published on the B2B webshop immediately, under the customer account. The customer can download the invoice in pdf, if he needs a copy.
Pay invoice on B2B webshop
The customer can log into the B2B webshop and pay his invoice f.i. by creditcard. And if the customer needs to pay upfront, he needs to pay here before the order will be placed.
Invoicing proposal
If you don't want to automatically invoice customers, then Itsperfect offers the invoicing proposal. You select who you want to invoice and when. And the invoices will be send automatically after that.
Drop shipments

Drop shipments

Do you want to deliver directly from your production location to your customer? Itsperfect enables you to register drop shipments and folllow it's process accurately.
Create drop shipments
If the vendor indicates that the goods are shipped, you post the purchase order. The goods are booked on an in-transit location, so you can monitor which goods are on the road, belonging to which sales order.
Monitor delivery
If the vendor indicates that the goods are shipped, you post the purchase order. The goods are booked on an in-transit location, so you can monitor which goods are on the road, belonging to which sales order.
Book receival
Once the goods are received, you post the sales order. The goods are booked from the in-transit location and the sales order is marked as delivered. And the invoice is automatically generated and send.


Itsperfect lets you handle your picks the way you like best: by using barcode scanning, by using your iPhone or by booking the picks manually.
Direct order and B2C
Direct orders or B2C orders can be delivered by definition. The inventory check is already done. That's why Itsperfect immediately creates picks form them. Ordered before 16:00? Delivered tomorrow.
Bulk orders
The bulk order picks are created in the delivery worksheet. Itsperfect assigns inventory to all outstanding orders, taking the customer priority and his outstanding balance into account.
Pick with barcodescanning
After you've collected your pick, you can process the pick by using barcodescanning. Create a box, scan the item and confirm the pick. Itsperfect automatically generates your delivery note and shipment labels.
Shipping labels
Create a shipping label directly to your preferred carrier and download the label from Itsperfect. The shipping number will be stored in the picking document and can be send to the customer.


You can derive sales from your wholesale customer base or directly from your end-consumer. Itsperfect facilitate both, fully integrated.
B2B Webshop
Let your wholesale customers log into your B2B webshop and and let them place their direct orders all by themselves. Obviously, the shop shows the accurate availability and the customer has access to his order history and invoices.
B2C Webshop
Publish your collection on your B2C shop with a click and let your end-consumer place their orders immediately. The order is immediately available in Itsperfect ERP, so you can deliver in minutes.
Do you have your own stores, then the Itsperfect POS is available for you. The in Itsperfect ERP integrated POS contains all the functionality you can expect from a POS that is made for fashion.
Delivery blocks

Delivery blocks

If your seasons delivery falls down into separate moments of delivery, or blocks, then itsperfect enables you to defines these delivery blocks on item level. Deliver your sales orders in multiple delivery drops.
Delivery blocks per season
Each season can contain of several delivery blocks. Define these blocks per season, and set a beginning and an ending date for each block.
Connect to items
Connect the delivery block to an item or even to an item/color. This way the contents of the delivery block can be defined. Not only for delivery purposes, but also for your purchase planning.
Never out of stock
Are your selling never out of stock items as a part of your presales? Use a delivery block on your never out of stock item to postpone delivery upto the moment of delivery as limited by the delivery block.


Styles in fashion can have multiple sizes and multiple colours and you would like to have all the information of an item together.
Colours and sizes
Add a size group to your item and an unlimited number of colours. Your item is now available in all variations.
Add an unlimited number of images per colour to your item, which will be published to your webshop automatically.
Style matrix
Manage your item and simplify documents on for instance your order confirmation and data entry on for instance your sales order by using colour/size matrix views.
Enter purchase price, cost charges, direct unit cost, sales price and sales list price on your style, optionally per size and/or pricegroup.
External documents

External documents

You want to personalize your external documents, so for instance your order confirmation only shows the information you think is relevant. And your documents need to match your company's look&feel. And of course this is supported in multi language.
All your external documents
All your external documents can be personalized. Itsperfect delivers the default sales order, pick, delivery note, invoice or purchase order and you easily define your own version.
Select your fields
Use dropdown menu's for each document to easily select the fields you want to be displayed on your external documents. Personalization of each document is just a view clicks away.
You decide the lay-out and contents of the headers and footers from your external documents all by yourself, by creating templates for each document type.
Lay-out exceptions
Does a certain customer needs certain information on his invoice? Or should an order confirmation for a specific country contain an extra line of text? Define your templates per customer, country and/or period.


Register the data of your collection in detail and follow the creation of your collection step by step.
Item detail
Enter all PDM item details on a central place. Descriptions, colours, sizes, fits, qualities, etc. A single place to register all information, accessible for everyone.
Enter your Bill of Material on item level. Which materials are needed to produce this item and in which quantities? Copy template BOM's within your item list, to create an item quickly and efficient.
Size specifications
Enter your default size specifications and copy them to an item. On item level, seperate versions of your size specifications can be managed.
Product sheet
After entering all item data, the item and all it's parameters and images can be downloaded into a single product sheet. This sheet can be saved as a PDF file with the most up-to-date data.
Message center

Message center

You want to communicate in the most efficient way within your company. Use Itsperfect message center to send internal messages, directly to the desk of your colleague.
Incoming messages
Did someone send you an internal message? The envelope icon immediately lights up with a '1'. Click on the icon and immediately answer the message. Quickly and efficient.
Sending messages
Send a message to your colleague quickly. Open the message center by clicking on the envelope, select the name of your colleague, write your message and send. Your colleague will receive the message immediately.
Itserfect messages
Itsperfect uses the communication center to communicate with you. For instance, did an agent create a new customer on the B2B webshop or does your invoicing process asks your attention? Itsperfect sends you a personal message.
Cost charges

Cost charges

When defining your direct unit cost, you probably add one or more cost charges to your purchase price. in order to define those charges in detail, use Itsperfect cost charges module.
Define cost charges
Define your cost charges in the settings or on vendor level. These charges will be copied to your item, where you can finetune them on item level.
Calculate direct unit cost
After entering a purchase price and a vendor (with cost charges) on your item card, your direct unit cost will be calculated automatically.
Cost charges sales price
Cost charges can differ on purchase order level. Is it going to be the boat instead of the plane? Change your cost charge on the purchase order and your direct unit cost on item level will be updated accordingly.


Itsperfect offers a broad range of integrated solutions. However, if you still want to connect to another external system, Itsperfect offers her RESTFUL API.
Itsperfect enables you to extract data from the database or write data into the database. Itsperfect supports GET, PUT, POST and DELETE function.
Data can be retrieved and entered from several endpoints. Item data, customer data, sales orders, picks, delivery notes, transfers, invoices? Itsperfects API supports it all.
Fully documented
Getting started with the API? Itsperfects API is fully documented and available online, so you can easily connect to Itsperfect from where ever you want.


Knowing is key and Itsperfect confirms that. Therefore, Itsperfect gives you your own BI tool, enabling you to analyze your data anyway you want.
Report database
Itsperfect delivers a large report database, containing reports especially created for the fashion industry, focused on financials, sales, logistics, purchase and production.
Your own report
Do you want to create your own report? The report wizard enables you to do just so. Select the tables and the fields you want to use and Itsperfect does the rest.
Share and learn
Optionally you can share your own reports with other Itsperfect customers. And they can share with you. The report database keeps growing, from your input, and from the fashion industry.
Report scheduler
Do you want to receive a certain report in your mailbox for instance every monday, in pdf or excel? Set this up once and the Itsperfect report scheduler takes over from there.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Use Itsperfect to register all communication with your customer and to plan future contacts. And facilitate your agent to benefit from and contribute to this in an easy way.
Define more than one contact per customer. Assign a function and a responsibility area to each contact, enter his personal phone number and e-mail address, and mark him for receival of your newsletters.
Notes in Itsperfect
Create notes in Itsperfect on customer level. Define which employee had this contact and what the type and the date of the contact was. And, if necessary, upload documents on this note.
Activities in Itsperfect
Create activities on customer level and define who needs to do what on which date. Does a sales person needs to contact the customer? Create an activity and the sales person will be notified.
CRM on B2B webshop
All CRM functionality is also available on the B2B webshop, for the agent. He can view the activities and notes, but he can also create them himself. And uploading documents is also an option for him.
Purchase orders

Purchase orders

Itsperfects requisition feature enables you to purchase exactly that what you need. Create purchase orders and send it directly to your suppliers or publish it in the additional vendor portal.
Itsperfects requisition worksheet calculates your need (material or ready made garment) in the split of a second. From here, you generate your purchase orders with a single click.
Never out of Stock
Your never out of stock styles have a different demand then your season items. Enter a minimum and a maximum inventory for your NooS and Itsperfect will calculate the need accordingly.
Purchase order
You will send your purchase order to your vendor. Generate a single pdf file containing all necessary item and order information and send this to your vendor without further adjustments.
Vendor portal
If you are using Itsperfects vendor portal, the purchase order will be published on the vendor portal automatically. The vendor logs in and has access to all necessary product and order information. And can even change them if he has the rights to do so.


E-Documents automatically sends your PDF documents to your customer and suppliers by e-mail.
Sales Orders
After placing an order, an e-mail with order confirmation is automatically send to the customer.
Once the invoice is posted, an e-mail containing the invoice will immediately be send to the customer.
Download documents
If the customer wants a copy of the order or invoice, the document can be downloaded very easy from the B2B Webshop.
Delivery statistics

Delivery statistics

Use delivery statistics to finalize your delivery proposal. Based on multiple variables like creditworthiness and broken size ranges.
Financial status
Checking the creditworthiness of the customer reduces the chance of unpaid and overdue invoices.
Order percentage
Calculate the order delivery percentage with a single click and the result is presented visually.
Item percentage
Easily calculate which percentage of an item within an order you can deliver and the result is presented visually.
Broken size range
The system alerts you in case of a broken size range and presents an indicator if this is the case. Only delivering an XS and 3XL belongs to the past.
Available to promise

Available to promise

You want to make sure you can deliver what you promise. But of course, you are depending on the production time of your vendor. So, our ATP module takes this lead time into consideration. So you can be sure you can deliver what you promise.
Define lead and production times
How much time does it take to get your item produced and delivered to your doorstep? Define lead and production times on item and sales level.
Calculate your delivery date
The item is not on inventory but you still want to sell it? The system automatically calculates the nearest delivery date.
Promised delivery date
Use the calculated delivery date as the delivery date on your sales order. And thus be able to sell your collection, even not on stock.
Size conversions

Size conversions

If you are selling abroad, you will find that other countries might use other sizes. For that reason, Itsperfect offers size conversion. Define the size codes per country, and be sure to be on the same level as your customer.
Your labels
Print the correct size code on your labels, if you print your labels for separate countries with deviating size codes.
B2B webshop
On the B2B webshop, the sizes will be presented with the correct size code, for your customer.
Order confirmation
And if the customer receives his order confirmation, the correct size codes will be displayed here as well.
Multi currency

Multi currency

Itsperfect enables you to not only do business in your local currency, but create as many additional currencies as you might need. For sales, and for purchase purposes.
Update exchange rate
If set by parameter, the exchange rates will be updated based on the rate of the ECB automatically, each night.
Buy dollars
Did you for instance buy your dollars upfront, to cover all costs in dollars for the upcoming season? Then define your currency exchange rate by period. All your purchases will be calculated against this rate, and the actual up to date exchange rate will be ignored.
Purchase currency
Place your purchase orders in the currency of your vendor. Itsperfect automatically calculates your direct cost, based on your purchase price and the set exchange rate.
Sales currency
Let your customer order in his own currency. The sales price can be calculated automatically, or can be preset per country. Either way, the customer can pay in his own currency, while your statistics will always be shown in your local currency.
Send a newsletter

Send a newsletter

Keep your customers up-to-date by sending them your newsletters through Itsperfects integrated newsletter module.
Design your newsletter
Design your own newsletter by using drag and drop in the Itsperfect newsletter module. Start from scratch or copy an existing newsletter for reuse.
Keep track of your subscriptions
Who subscribed for your newsletter? Use Itsperfect CRM to keep track of all subscriptions on contact level. On the customer card within Itsperfect ERP.
Reach out to your end consumer
Are you using Itsperfects webshop? All consumer data will be stored in Itsperfect ERP. For you to analyze or approach with your own newsletter.
How many newsletters did you send? Who opened it and who actually clicked on a link? The newsletter statistics gives you all the answers.