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Itsperfect ERP offers the complete online solution for companies in fashion, footwear, sportswear and accessories, which enables your company to manage it’s complete supply chain. Insights and accessibility, for you, your customers and your vendors: anytime, anyplace, anywhere.
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2. Our standard features

Itsperfect is an advanced ERP system with many default features. The day you start with Itsperfect, these features enable you to improve your processes.
Is there something that needs your attention? Itsperfect informs you in time, by e-mail. Itsperfect knows where to find you, even if you're not logged in.
Some financial transactions may require a double check and therefore we have Authorizations. Create authorization rules and get grip on your financial transactions.
Manage your EAN13 barcodes per item, colour & size. Generate barcodes automatically, print hangtags and publish the barcodes at sales channels.
During the season you identify items or colours that have a low sales quantity. Do you want to cancel or replace them? Itsperfect will assist you!
Each user can define his own personal dashboard, showing only those statistics that are relevant to him. Realtime information keeps you in touch with the business.
Easily import and export
Itsperfect enables you to easily import your basic data from Excel. And do you want to analyze your Itsperfectdata in Excel? An export is just as easy.
Itsperfect makes invoicing as easy as possible, for you and for your customers. All invoicing in Itsperfect is completely digital, without the need for you to really monitor it.
Drop shipments
Do you want to deliver directly from your production location to your customer? Itsperfect enables you to register drop shipments and folllow it's process accurately.
Itsperfect lets you handle your picks the way you like best: by using barcode scanning, by using your iPhone or by booking the picks manually.
You can derive sales from your wholesale customer base or directly from your end-consumer. Itsperfect facilitate both, fully integrated.
Delivery blocks
If your seasons delivery falls down into separate moments of delivery, or blocks, then itsperfect enables you to defines these delivery blocks on item level. Deliver your sales orders in multiple delivery drops.
Styles in fashion can have multiple sizes and multiple colours and you would like to have all the information of an item together.
External documents
You want to personalize your external documents, so for instance your order confirmation only shows the information you think is relevant. And your documents need to match your company's look&feel. And of course this is supported in multi language.
Register the data of your collection in detail and follow the creation of your collection step by step.
Message center
You want to communicate in the most efficient way within your company. Use Itsperfect message center to send internal messages, directly to the desk of your colleague.
Cost charges
When defining your direct unit cost, you probably add one or more cost charges to your purchase price. in order to define those charges in detail, use Itsperfect cost charges module.
Itsperfect offers a broad range of integrated solutions. However, if you still want to connect to another external system, Itsperfect offers her RESTFUL API.
Knowing is key and Itsperfect confirms that. Therefore, Itsperfect gives you your own BI tool, enabling you to analyze your data anyway you want.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Use Itsperfect to register all communication with your customer and to plan future contacts. And facilitate your agent to benefit from and contribute to this in an easy way.
Purchase orders
Itsperfects requisition feature enables you to purchase exactly that what you need. Create purchase orders and send it directly to your suppliers or publish it in the additional vendor portal.
E-Documents automatically sends your PDF documents to your customer and suppliers by e-mail.
Delivery statistics
Use delivery statistics to finalize your delivery proposal. Based on multiple variables like creditworthiness and broken size ranges.
Available to promise
You want to make sure you can deliver what you promise. But of course, you are depending on the production time of your vendor. So, our ATP module takes this lead time into consideration. So you can be sure you can deliver what you promise.
Size conversions
If you are selling abroad, you will find that other countries might use other sizes. For that reason, Itsperfect offers size conversion. Define the size codes per country, and be sure to be on the same level as your customer.
Multi currency
Itsperfect enables you to not only do business in your local currency, but create as many additional currencies as you might need. For sales, and for purchase purposes.
Send a newsletter
Keep your customers up-to-date by sending them your newsletters through Itsperfects integrated newsletter module.

3. Our additional modules

In addition to the standard functionalities, Itsperfect has a wide range of additional modules. These modules are all internally developed and make the ERP system even more advanced.
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