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Your business is exceeding the boundaries of your local market and evolves into separate entities. Your requirements for an ERP system differ from those of SMB's. Be sure that itsperfect supports your business just as well. Take an executive pick from our Enterprise modules.
User profiles
Business Intelligence
User profiles

User profiles.

To be sure a specific user only has access to the data he is allowed to use, user profiles can be created. Create profile for every function within your company and connect them to a user. All the rights will be transferred to this user automatically. And do you want to make detailed changes? Then change the rights on the lowest level: the user.


Sometimes you don’t want the system just to make your decisions. You might want to check and authorize certain actions first. For this purpose, Itsperfect offers his authorization module. First, set your authorization rules. For instance, you want to check all orders with a margin lower than 25%, or you want to check all picks form a certain customer group. Once set, the system goes on hold if a document is identified which matches an authorization rule. And only you, or the ones granted rights by you, can approve an identified authorization.


The world is turning into one big store. Whether it’s your own b2c, your store, your external sales platform or your consignment customer, every location needs to be handled as if it was a single store. Itsperfect enables you to create replenishment plans for each of these sales channels. And at the correct time, these plans can be executed with a single click.


Does your company consists of separate entities? For instance, your items are purchased in your wholesale entity, and partially sold through your retail entity. You want to separate these companies within Itsperfect, and be able to send intercompany invoices. Itsperfects intercompany module enables you to do so. Define your separate companies, and define the cost structures between these companies. Intercompany invoices between these companies will then be created automatically.


Itsperfect offers a broad range of integrated solutions. However, if you still want to connect to another external system, Itsperfect offers her RESTFUL API. Itsperfect enables you to extract data from the database, or write data into the database. Itsperfect supports both the GET and PUT function. Data can be retrieved and entered from several entry points. Item data, customer data, sales orders, picks, delivery notes, transfers, invoices? Itsperfects API supports it all. Getting started with the API? The API is fully documented, and available online, so you can easily connect to Itsperfect from where ever you want.
Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence.

Knowing is key. Full insight in your companies performance, at any time, from any corner. This is a big part of the added value of a good ERP system. Itsperfect is aware of this, and offers a realtime insight from a large range of angles. From reports to dashboards, from statistics to integration. Itsperfect offers you a personalized dashboard. Select the statistics and information that are relevant for you, and present them in your own dashboard. Itsperfects report library contains a large amount of fashion focused reports. Created by the fashion, for the fashion. So you still want to create your own personal report? Itsperfects BI module enables you to easily create the report you need. Select the tables you want to retrieve data from, select the fields, and your report is ready.

Implementing software

ERP software is the foundation of your company and therefore changing is not that easy. Our experienced team helps you with implementing our software, educates your team and create connections with third parties like your external warehouse.
Software settings for fashion


Through Itsperfect settings, we can design the application the way you want it. Create the perfect application for both shareholders and stakeholders.


We improve our software based on the input from our customer base. Prevent expensive customization and update issues since we build our software for the cloud!

Scalable application

No matter your size, our application is scalable and is growing with your business.

Worldwide available

Your business is worldwide and no matter where employees work, they have always access to Itsperfect.

Security & Backup

Securing your data is our highest priority and we adapt the latest technologies for data security.

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