Itsperfect launches sample module to simplify product development process

Dec 1 2022 - Itsperfect, the software solution for fashion brands, has developed a unique feature to simplify the product development process for fashion, apparel and footwear: the sample module. The module is part of the complete ERP solution and ensures a fast and efficient flow between purchasing, design and the vendor.

Samples in fashion

In the fashion industry, reviewing samples is a recurring process that often takes up a lot of time and requires a lot of mutual coordination. Samples are fitted, measured and evaluated on workmanship and design. The design department usually photographs the prototypes and then sends the photos, including feedback, to the vendor. With Itsperfect's new sample module, fully integrated into the ERP system, this sampling process will be simplified and all data will also be centrally recorded.

"We listen carefully to our users and respond to market needs. A common desire is to have more control over the manufacturing process. With this module, we offer the ability to swiftly review samples and provide adequate feedback to vendors." Stefan Methorst, CEO Itsperfect

Sample module for fit, workmanship and design

When prototypes arrive and are fitted, they often require alterations before they can be considered perfect additions to the new collection. This requires mutual coordination between the fit technician, the design and purchasing departments, and manufacturers. To keep track of these communications, many fashion brands use Excel sheets, separate images in Paint and long email threads. Itsperfect's sample module streamlines this process and saves a tremendous amount of time by enabling you to swiftly photograph an item with your tablet, or to select a sketch. You can then add notes using various types of arrows, circles, rectangles and free drawing, and referring letters for more explanation. In the comments field, the letters mark the corresponding comments. You can easily create an export from the ERP system, containing all sample-related data such as photos, comments and size specifications.

A single point of truth

The integrated sample module stores all data centrally in the ERP system; from initial design, sketches, size specifications and sample history to sales-related data. These include webshop descriptions for B2B and B2C webshops, as well as Marketplaces. Combined with purchasing and sales data, this gives a complete overview of every item in your collection. On top of that, the recently introduced Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) module gives you full insight into your critical path and let you control important deadlines.

Available in the Itsperfect App Store

The sample module is integrated in Itsperfect's complete ERP solution for fashion companies and is now available. Users can easily enable the module in the Itsperfect App Store.

About Itsperfect

Itsperfect is the most advanced and user-friendly software solution for fashion brands. All the key processes which are needed to run your fashion business are integrated into one single cloud solution. Offering a fully integrated B2B shop, an online Point of Sale (POS), and dedicated modules for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Warehouse Management (WMS), sustainability management, and many more. The Itsperfect solutions are available 24/7, and accessible on any device. The Itsperfect App Store enables users to add modules, additional users and standard connections to the most widely used accounting systems, logistic service providers and e-commerce solutions such as Shopify and ChannelEngine . Itsperfect develops new features and modules every quarter and services over 400 international brands.

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