Sell more, plan better and keep surprising with delivery blocks

Sept 6, 2022 - As a fashion brand, do you deliver your entire autumn/winter collection in 1 go, or do you opt for multiple drops? Delivering in different delivery blocks has advantages for you as a brand as well as for the retailer. As a brand, you can better plan your deliveries and tailor your purchases accordingly. It also gives you more time to get your stock in and ultimately you sell more, because you always have something new to offer. In addition, you can build up the collection slowly, both in color and in type of articles. Think of a thinner sweater in a beautiful autumn hue at the end of summer, and the thicker sweaters and winter coats just before it really starts to get cold.

Shop till you drop

The great advantage for retailers is that they have new deliveries several times in a season and therefore a healthy cash flow, because they pay for the products upon delivery. This way they always have a new and attractive store for customers, with the right product at the right time (if the weather cooperates a bit). And returning visitors, which of course leads to more sales.

In addition, the space in the store is optimally used when delivered in drops. The retailer keeps an eye on the correct turnover rate and then a new theme fits in. That way, every item from your new collection gets the right attention at the right time. And it gives the shopowner the opportunity to really set up his shop according to color or theme.

Delivery blocks in a jiffy

Itsperfect's delivery blocks module allows you to create multiple delivery blocks per season. You simply define these in the system, with a start and end date for each block. The delivery blocks can be defined at article or color level, so that the most suitable items are delivered at the right time. The delivery blocks are automatically transferred to new sales orders and there (in consultation with the representative) a different delivery block and/or delivery time can be selected. The retailer sees in the sales order confirmation per delivery block which items will be delivered, with the subtotals based on number of pieces and amount.

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