At the end of your sales season, or maybe even during, you want to know what your total requirement is. What was ordered until this moment in time? Can I already place a purchase order? And if so, what quantities do I need to order?


Based on your outstanding presales orders, or based on the minimum inventory of your NooS items, Itsperfect calculates your need. Once the calculation is done, manual changes can be made. Per item, but also by adding a percentage or a quantity per sku to your total worksheet. If you are buying fabrics fir the production of your garment, then your material need can be calculated in the same way.

Generate purchase orders

Once your need is calculated you can automatically create purchase orders to cover this need. The vendor number which is defined on the item card is leading and from your requisition worksheet you can create a purchase order per vendor with a single click.

Communication with vendor

A PDF document can be generated for the vendor, showing all relevant purchase order and product data. The document can be send to the vendor. If you are using Itsperfects vendor portal, sending documents is not necessary. The vendor can log into the portal and has access to all relevant purchase order and product data. The vendor can even do changes to certain data, which will only be processed after your authorization.


You want to be able to monitor your purchase and production process carefully, ready to undertake action if there's any delay. For this purpose, use Itsperfects PLM module. Each step in your process can be defined and linked to a deadline and a responsible person within your organization. The PLM dashboard gives a complete overview of all PLM processes to monitor their progress. Now you can act upfront, not when it's already too late.