After the goods are received, you want to deliver them to your end-customer as quickly and as efficiently as possible. And you want all your processes be supported by barcode scanning.

Delivery worksheet

After the goods are received, the available inventory can be distributed in the delivery worksheet. The inventory will be assigned based on customer priority. The delivery statistics give you an immediate insight in delivery percentages per item and order and broken size ranges are marked red. After some optional manual changes yo can create your picks with a single click.

Direct orders

When a direct order is placed, an inventory check is performed. Therefore, a direct order can be delivered immediately by definition. And for that reason, Itsperfect automatically creates a pick for a direct order, which can immediately be delivered by your warehouse. And so, if an order is placed on your consumer webshop, your warehouse can act immediately. Ordered before 16:00, delivered the next day.

Barcode scanning

All logistical processes within Itsperfect can be handled with barcodescanning. Delivering your pick, registering a received return, creating a replacement or registering cycle counts, all processed are barcodescanning supported.

Logistic service provider

Did you outsource your warehouse to a logistic service provider? Itsperfect offers a complete logistics communication platform. Your picks and puts are automatically send to your external warehouse and the results are imported back in. At any time, a cycle count can be imported automatically. Your Itsperfect inventory is always in line with your physical inventory.