Itsperfect enables your financial department to gain full insight in all your financial processes. Automatically send invoices, keep grip on margins and costs, evaluate your stock value, or keep track of your customers balances, Itsperfect offers it all and more.

Automated invoicing

Itsperfect offers the possibility to completely automate your invoicing process. Once the delivery is booked, an invoice is generated automatically and an e-mail with the invoice is send to the customer. The customer can also view and download his invoice on the b2b portal and even pay it directly from the portal. Your invoicing is completely taken out of your hands.

Invoicing worksheet

Do you prefer to invoice your customers for instance once a week? The invoicing worksheet is there for you. Simply create an overview of all invoices that can be created at that moment. Check the invoices you want to create and the actual invoicing is done. Of course, an e-mail with the invoice is sent to the customer.

Margins and targets

Full insight in margins and costs and comparisons of budgets vs realization are key, together with a full insight in your actual costs against your calculated costs. Itsperfect offers this insight, realtime, by default dashboards, statistics and our BI module.

Financial integration

Itsperfect connects to your accounting system by default, so your accountant never has to ask you for information again. Default connections are available for Exact online, Twinfield. AFAS online, Reeleezee and Unit 4. Are you using another accounting system? Our API offers the solution for that.